Is working out in the morning better for you?

You should exercise at a time that suits you and your body. There’s no evidence to suggest that an early morning workout is better for you, but some people are just more efficient at this time. You’ll get results regardless of the time of day, as long as it works for you.

Should I approach my sessions with a plan?

Yes, this will help you get the most out of your workout. Decide which muscle groups you want to work on, whether you’re doing a strength session or a HIIT workout and what equipment you’ll need.

Do I need to work out every day?

A good workout week doesn’t necessarily mean training every day. Three to four gym or home workouts each week is enough if you work as hard as you can in each session. Try to balance the week with a mix of cardio, HIIT, strength and yoga or Pilates.

How long do I need to work out for?

This depends on your fitness levels, what type of training you’re doing and what intensity you’re training at. Just remember, something is always better than nothing.

Do I need to vary my workout to see results?

Doing 100 sit-ups a day won’t guarantee a defined set of abs; you’ll need to do a combination of things.

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